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Green Circle

We're very proud to announce that Urban Fringe Salon Inc. has partnered with Green Circle Salons!

It's no secret that the salon industry creates a large environmental footprint, so we've decided to do our part to change that. By introducing a nominal environmental impact mitigation fee of $2 per visit, we're able to divert more than 95% of the waste created in the salon.

Not only are we able to recycle paper/ cardboard, glass, tin and plastic; we're now able to recycle aluminum foil, colour tubes, human hair clippings, coffee, tea and colour. This means, no more chemical waste will be washed down the sink.

For more information on Green Circle Salons, please visit their website at www.greencirclesalons.ca or ask your hairstylist!


$89 Teeth Whitening

or 2 sessions for $150